Whitewater in Russia, Siberia, and Former Soviet Union Book

Rivers of an Unknown Land
A Whitewater Guide to the Former Soviet Union
by Vladimir Gavrilov

ISBN 0967757037
368 pages
6 x 9 paperback
$29.95 USD (free shipping in USA only)

A detailed guidebook for whitewater rafting and whitewater kayaking on the magnificent rivers in the countries of the former Soviet Union, and a one-of-a-kind resource for travelers to Europe and Asia.

The book opens with whitewater rafting in Siberia, including Altai (Altay) and Sayany. The middle of the book is devoted to whitewater paddling in the Lake Baikal region, East Siberia, and the Far East. The final chapters cover Central Asia, including Pamir, Pamiro-Alai; and Tian Shan; and European whitewater in the Caucasus, the Carpathians, Karelia, and the Kola Peninsula.

Each chapter features:

  • a detailed description of the region where the river is found
  • complete rapid by rapid trip logs from the author’s whitewater expeditions
  • detailed river maps
  • entertaining river stories that give the reader a rare glimpse into the culture of Soviet style rafting
  • Over 60 photos, including 8 pages of color photos

Thirty-five whitewater rivers are covered in detail, with 20 more touched on in brief.

  • Katun River
  • Chuya River
  • Argut River
  • Bashkaus River
  • Chulyshman River
  • Kitoy River
  • Sayanskaya Oka River
  • Kaa-Khem River
  • Uda River
  • Khara-Murin River
  • Snezhnaya River
  • Chaya River
  • Rivers of the Putoran Plateau
  • Rivers of Northeastern Siberia
  • Kema River
  • Akishma River
  • Niman River
  • Matcha River
  • Zeravshan River
  • Yagnob River
  • Fandarya River
  • Obikhingou River
  • Shakhdara River
  • Chilik River
  • Sandalash River
  • Chatkal River
  • Susamyr River
  • Kekemeren River
  • Naryn River
  • Alai-Kuu-Oy-Tal-Tar River
  • Dzhurmut River
  • Avarskoye Koysu
  • Andiyskoye Koysu River
  • Kuban River
  • Big Zelenchuk River
  • Big Laba River
  • Kura River
  • Black Cheremosh River
  • White Chermemosh River
  • Prut River
  • Black Tisa River
  • Okhta River
  • Chirka-Kem River
  • Kem River
  • Umba River

Rivers of an Unknown Land is a paddlers’ guidebook for whitewater rafting and much more: it’s an outdoor adventure to a region that until recently was unknown to Westerners, and to the home of some of the last great wilderness on earth. Join master whitewater guide Vladimir Gavrilov on a trip through his homeland and experience the adventure of a lifetime.

Learn more about Vladimir Gavrilov at Raft Siberia

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